Apprenticeship 2023

We are pleased to offer an apprenticeship to Evan Jones who joined Lightfoot Defence Ltd in 2023. 

Why did you join Lightfoot and how has the experience been so far?

After studying Sports Science for a short period of time I soon realised that I did not have a passion to pursue this subject as a career. I decided to begin looking for vocational training that would allow me to learn in a more practical way and this is when I discovered apprenticeships. The apprenticeship scheme seemed very appealing to me as I very much preferred the thought of earning whilst learning a trade.

I discovered Lightfoot Defence and after an initial discussion and then a formal interview they kindly offered me the opportunity to enrol on their apprenticeship scheme. From day one of the apprenticeship, I have felt fully supported whilst being taught about the industry thoroughly by other employees within the business. My mentor and the previous apprentice have been exceptional in teaching me so many skills which I will utilise throughout my career in the refrigeration industry. Overall, I am very happy with my apprenticeship at and cannot wait to see what the future holds for me throughout my employment with Lightfoot Defence Ltd.

Where do you see yourself in five- and ten-years’ time?

In five year’s time, I will have completed my level 3 diploma in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning and be working as a Junior Technician. Following on from my apprenticeship I would like to achieve my HNC in Engineering to further my career within the industry. This will not only benefit me in my ability as an engineer, but also Lightfoot Defence Ltd as I would be part of an already experienced team of qualified engineers and be able to bring additional knowledge and expertise to future work endeavours. In terms of work at Lightfoot Defence Ltd, I hope to become a vital part of the team, carrying out more meaningful and important tasks that can display how dedicated I am to my work and the success of the company.

In ten year’s time, I want to have completed my HNC in Engineering, complete any further course opportunities presented to me along the way and be striving for a management position in the company. I believe in ten years’ time I will have enough knowledge about the equipment and refrigeration plant Lightfoot Defence Ltd manufacture and will hopefully be in a position to lead a team of engineers independently and successfully.



What made you choose the refrigeration industry in the first place?

With a strong connection to the Royal Navy I decided to seek an opportunity within the defence industry that would allow me to work closely with our armed forces, of which many of my family have served in.

Currently, I am interested in seeing where the industry goes in the next couple of years with the gradual phasing out of many refrigerants to further tackle the global warming crisis. We are seeing gases like R134A, R404A and R410A, with high global warming potential’s being banned for use by 2025. With the ever-changing rules and regulations within the industry I am hoping to one day be able to use my knowledge and expertise in Refrigeration Engineering, to assist the introduction of new more environmentally friendly refrigerants.


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