Refrigerant Reclamation

Budget and Environmentally-friendly Refrigerant Reclamation technology

Lightfoot Defence have developed a machine that can process waste refrigerant R245fa from the Eurofighter Electronic Cooling System in the Wing Tip Pods. This high boiling temperature and low-pressure refrigerant contains many contaminants after it has been recovered from the aircraft. Each of these contaminants is removed during the reclamation process, resulting in a 99.9% pure re-useable refrigerant.

Reclaiming Refrigerant intelligently

The Eurofighter military specification for the R245fa pure product is higher than that for refrigerants used in industrial applications and so more difficult to reclaim back to its Virgin state.

Lightfoot have managed this by developing clever software algorithms that target the specific contaminant at specific stages during the refrigerant phase changes and liquid input and output events.

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Environmental benefits

The waste contaminants are removed with little effect on the overall yield of final product and so refrigerant that was going to be incinerated can be re-used.

This helps our customers to lower their carbon footprints and prevents the Global Warming Potential from the refrigerant entering the atmosphere.

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Refrigerant Reclamation Case Studies

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