FGAS Modification update to Apache ECS Carts


To modify the Apache Environmental Control System (ECS) Carts in order to make them compliant with current FGAS legislation.

What was delivered?

A 12-month modification programme is currently underway with carts being sent back to the LDL Aerospace workshop in batches of 3 for upgrade (15 Carts total).

It was identified that during a vacuum dehydration maintenance procedure refrigerant was being released to atmosphere from the exhaust port of the vacuum pump.

LDL designed an option to have a key switch mounted to the cart fascia enabling operators to manually override the low-pressure fault condition once required to switch on the vacuum pump. In turn this now allows maintainers to change and dehydrate the internal drier core without the necessity of sending refrigerant into the pipework system only to be pumped out to atmosphere.

What were the benefits?

Most importantly the ECS carts are now compliant with current FGAS legislation and no longer vent refrigerant to atmosphere.

The drier core dehydration process has been made more efficient and simpler for maintainers to conduct saving them valuable time when on the front line.

Now that the requirement to send R134a refrigerant into the pipework system is no longer required to be able to switch on the vacuum pump, the customer is also saving refrigerant.


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