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DASS Cooling System Integrity Assurance Equipment (DCSIAE)


Airbus Defence & Space (AD&S) GMBH required a series of tools and bespoke engineering jigs to be able to check the integrity of their Wing Tip Pod refrigeration pipework system.

What was delivered?

16 x complete DCSIAE Kits providing the following capabilities:

  • Port & Starboard Hose Support Brackets – Used to relieve the strain of the refrigeration hoses on the WTP couplers
  • Tool chest – This foam lined tool case contains all the tools required to remove and install the WTP cooler
  • Helium Leak Detector – Capable of detecting leaks as small as 1 x 10-6 mbar l/s
  • Cooler Jig – A purpose-built jig designed to hold and test the WTP cooler
  • Port & Starboard WTP Jigs – Bespoke manufactured jigs used in pace of the WTP cooler to enable operators to pressure test and vacuum dehydrate the system pipework
  • Pressure Reducing Box – A custom designed pressure reducing box consisting of a highly sensitive He/N2 Regulator and DPI 800 pressure gauge enabling operators to accurately pressure test and vacuum dehydrate the refrigeration system
  • Helium Regulator – Contained within its own Peli-case this regulator is used on the supply Helium cylinder

What were the benefits?

When AD&S experienced a leak on one of their aircraft our kit gave them the capability to split the refrigeration system down into component parts to be able to identify the source of the leak. Operators can begin with a simple oxygen free nitrogen pressure test and can move onto a more intrusive helium check if required.

This equipment has increased Eurofighter flying hours and has enabled AD&S to reject WTP Coolers at the delivery stage before fitment to the aircraft.


Deputy Aerospace Manager

Reports directly to the Aerospace Manager (AM), assist the AM in the efficient, safe and timely build of Aerospace equipment to build drawings and specifications. To supervise staff and maintain a safe and clean working environment.

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Customer Account Manager

The customer account manager will oversee all our military spares and repairs contract accounts, negotiating contracts and agreements to align with customer expectations and aim to exceed them with delivery.

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